Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Time..I Mean My Training @ The Beach :)

Needing a little refresher course for my new position, I have spent the last three days on Galveston Island with one of the most dedicated professionals I know.  She is the Business Office Manager at a sister facility here in Galveston, The Meridian. So, when the business day was done I had a little extra time on my hands before turning in for the night,  I decided to walk the halls of this magnificant building. While touring the facility, certain artifacts I am told came to live at The Meridian from The Buccaneer Hotel, which on New Years Day in 1999 was imploded. My favorite piece is the Mantel that surrounds the fire place near the main dining hall. The rich dark wood with it's pristine glow hugs the fireplace adding warmth and giving one a sense of comfort, that while the past is just that..the past, we can bring with us items, things, feelings, artifacts, etc to the future that are good and can provide opposed to bringing negative things, baggage such as anger, hurt, disappointment, etc with is a choice.

As I stroll among the quiet, yet peaceful halls I discovered the most amazing of all spaces here at The Meridian. This little gem is tucked in a corner and if you were not looking for it, you just might miss it. I have always loved to read and as a child, going to the Library was a treat. I would walk the isles crammed with books, rows and rows of knowledge and history awaiting my arrival. As I walked into the Library here at The Meridian, I felt the familiar love of reading I had as a child resurface. Although strange to some,  I realize, I love the smell of old books, the printed pages full of history comfort my soul.

 Despite this small space tucked away from the main stream of things, it was as if I had stepped into another world. I could almost hear the stories being told that were contained in shelved books. Technology has come so far that perhaps one day Libraries such as this one will be no more. And that shall be a very sad day indeed, for a hand held device containing words does not a book make. Technology cannot replace the feel and smell of history that a beloved little corner filled with books can.

Now I'm off to read my book.

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